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    • 能源
    • 金融
    • 政府
    • 医疗
    • 制造
    • 零售

    IDC Insights通过提供深入并基于事实的研究和咨询服务来协助企业业务和IT部门负责人做出更有效的技术决策。我们在全球范围内的研究致力于协助客户减少技术风险和最大限度的发挥IT投资的有效性。



    • 智能电网
    • 清洁能源
    • 智能石油与天然气

    IDC Energy Insights通过提供深入并基于事实的研究和咨询服务来协助能源行业业务和IT部门负责人做出更有效的技术决策。我们在全球范围内针对石油和天然气行业业务和技术问题提供研究分析与咨询建议。



    • 手机银行和付款
    • 企业风险管理
    • 现金管理和流动性
    • 买方操作

    IDC Financial Insights通过提供深入并基于事实的研究和咨询服务来协助金融服务行业业务和IT部门的负责人做出更有效的技术决策。我们在全球范围内针对银行、保险、证券和投资行业业务和技术问题提供研究分析与咨询建议。



    • 基础设施整合
    • 政务公开

    IDC Government Insights通过提供深入并基于事实的研究和咨询服务来协助政府职能和IT部门的负责人做出更有效的技术决策。我们在全球范围内针对各国中央和地方政府的业务和技术问题提供研究分析与咨询建议。



    • 电子病历和电子健康档案
    • 集成医疗和区域医疗
    • 医疗行业改革
    • 生命科学的价值链

    IDC Health Insights通过提供深入并基于事实的研究和咨询服务来协助医疗行业业务和IT部门的负责人做出更有效的技术决策。我们在全球范围内针对医疗行业的供需双方以及生命科学行业的业务和技术问题提供研究分析与咨询建议。



    • 供应链现代化
    • 下一代产品生命周期管理
    • 运营技术

    IDC Manufacturing Insights通过提供深入并基于事实的研究和咨询服务来协助制造行业业务和IT部门的负责人做出更有效的技术决策。我们在全球范围内针对制造行业的产品设计、开发、分销等各个环节的业务和技术问题提供研究分析与咨询建议。



    • 零售业产品生命周期管理和供应链优化
    • 客户体验(零售所有渠道)
    • 营销策略

    IDC Retail Insights通过提供深入并基于事实的研究和咨询服务来协助零售行业业务和IT部门的负责人做出更有效的技术决策。我们在全球范围内针对零售行业的业务和技术问题提供研究分析与咨询建议。

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This IDC Pivot Table contains a database of the China vertical industry's demography, including the following data from different perspectives:

- The database includes five vertical industries, namely telecom, heath, government, banking, and insurance. Each vertical industry has its major subindustries, with a total of 24 subindustries.

- There are six basic data indicators: gross domestic product (GDP), revenue, organization number, staff number, IT spending, and IT solution market size. For the government and healthcare industries, government expenditure and healthcare expenditure data is also provided. For the banking industry, asset and credit data is provided. For each indicator, it can demonstrate data by pivot from multiple perspectives (e.g., IT spending by subindustry and by province).

- For indicators of IT solution market size, it represents the industry's major application market size (software and service). The database includes a total of 20 IT solutions of the 5 industries. Each IT solution has a market size for each province.

- There are 31 provinces in the geography of China. The forecast year range is from 2010 to 2017.

- Based on these basic indicators, extended indicators such as IT spending/revenue, IT spending/organization number, IT solution/IT spending and the like can also be worked out. The basic data can demonstrate the status of business and IT development in each vertical industry, while the extended indicators can demonstrate the vertical IT market potential and trends.

Key highlights include:

- In terms of revenue, government industry is the largest industry. In 2012, government revenue hit RMB11.9 trillion. The banking industry follows with RMB5.3 trillion. The telecom industry has the smallest revenue among the five industries with RMB1.1 trillion in 2012.

- In terms of IT spending, government is also the largest industry among the five industries, hitting RMB70.9 billion in 2012, while the banking industry's IT spending is very close to it with RMB69.5 billion. The telecom industry follows with RMB45 billion. Banking and telecom are heavily reliant on IT technology.

- In terms of IT solutions, the telecom industry is the largest industry, hitting RMB13.9 billion in 2012, followed by the banking industry with RMB6.3 billion. The telecom industry spent more on IT solutions to keep operating.

- Healthcare has the highest forecast 2012–2017 compound annual growth rate (CAGR) at 14.5%. The China health reform program is the biggest driving force of its growth.

- The banking industry's IT solution market is forecast grows at a 13.1% CAGR from 2012 to 2017. Of its key subsolutions, the Intermediary Business System solution will grow fastest at an 18.7% CAGR.

- Different industries have different strong market areas. For instance, Beijing has the largest market in the government industry in terms of IT spending, hitting RMB3.4 billion in 2012, while Shanghai has the largest market in the banking industry IT spending, hitting RMB3.1 billion in 2012. Guangdong province has a bigger market both in the banking and government industries with RMB7.9 billion and RMB6.0 billion, respectively, in 2012.

- The telecom and banking industries have very large IT spending–revenue ratios, at 4.2% and 1.3%, respectively, in 2012, and are predicted to be 3.7% and 1.2% in 2013. The healthcare industry's ratio is growing and expects to be 1.0% in 2013.